We're two Grown Ass women and friends, exploring adulthood through conversation. 

Are you the one everyone turns to for relationship advice (and you rock at it), but your own love life is a mess or non-existent ? Do you consider yourself a foodie, but you microwave your dinner and couldn't roast a chicken to save your life?  Are you capable of holding down a job, raising a child , or giving a kick ass Power Point presentation;  but you don’t know how to put air in your car tires or hang a picture on the wall without using a push pin?  Do you still feel like a 16 year old in certain situations, and you're just waiting for an "adult" to figure out that you're an imposter ? Well guess what? Everyone feels this way at one time or another.

 No one is 100% adult or 100% kid, we are all Grown Ass Kids. Growing up is a never ending process. In an effort to make adulting transparent and a bit easier , we ask you to join us weekly as we reflect, inspire, learn, laugh and grow through conversation. 

All Music used in our podcasts is currently provided with full clearance from Song Freedom & Jamendo!